The Product

Dancebattle is a web app that grades the accuracy of your dance movements through your desktop camera.


My Role

I was a product designer working with another designer and two engineers with the guidance from various mentors in our industry such as product managers. I helped end to end from user research to crafting visual design and brand voice. I also came up with the name of our product.


The Opportunity

After winning Angelhack in San Francisco (beating out 50+ teams) we entered their startup accelerator program to further develop our product. We used Tensorflow as our machine learning library.


Design Process



Building something from scratch meant a lot of time was spent doing brainstorming. We conducted intensive market research on other dance apps to understand how we could differentiate ourselves in the market, as well as create a mood board for our design system.


Style Guide

To establish style consistency early on, especially working with another designer, design guidelines were created that later turned into an implemented design system from website to product.

style guide .png


We came up with different concepts that would be our first public launch, with the guidance of mentors Angelhack connected us with. Many ideas had to be shelved for future versions (TBD) as we had to account for time and engineering constraint. We user tested with prototypes to guide product creation.


Beta Testing

We did a soft release and tested users as many as we could while simultaneously developing our MVP. We designed lean to continuously test how users would use our product without guidance, from picking song to recording themselves dance without guidance.

beta testing.png


User testing proved invaluable because users were not able to quickly use nor understand the core value of our product. We needed to provide them a tutorial to show them how our product worked, but also make them comfortable enough to allow our product to access to their cameras, which raised privacy concerns.




Iconic Characters

I created various avatars inspired from impactful music videos of pop culture that were to be used in our platform and merchandising (i.e. giveaways) to promote our product.


Christmas Characters

For our Christmas launch, I made various designs and finalized these danceable characters after discussion with the team.




Above all, this project reiterated the value of user testing. Especially when you're so close to the design process, what you think is straightforward likely won't be to somebody else. With our product in particular, it was difficult to balance personality with clarity. Our user tests were crucial in helping us find that balance. Ultimately, we were able to pitch our product in a global demo day hosted by Angelhack, after two weeks of pitch preparation. Though the current product has pivoted since I left the team, you can still check out my Christmas characters.