The Client

Rabbit is a unique video sharing app that creates an online chatroom where users can watch movies and shows together. It streams videos synchronously so users can share comments and reactions with each other in real time.

rabbit  banner.png

The Challenge

Public Rooms was one of the most popular features among current users. It is the core value of the app. However, new users often missed the feature as it was hidden away, and dropped off being giving it a chance.


The Goal

I sought to improve the UX of the Public Rooms feature, thereby increasing user retention and engagement rates.

rabbit transformation.png

Design Process

I was the sole product designer, and did end-to-end. I used their existing color palette as a base guideline to work from. I also refreshed dated iconography to add more delight and clearer function.

rabbit process banner.png


I created a persona based on Rabbit’s current demographic of users and set this as a guideline for users in testing. I conducted testing of the previous design and found three major pain points through affinity mapping and prioritization. Inspired by Google Ventures’ design process, I did Crazy Eights to rapidly diverge on potential design solutions. I selected the best sketch to be created into more polished wireframes. I looked at existing mental models, using affordances expected by users, and maintaining a consistent interface.

rabbit process.png


I refined and polished select wireframes into hifi screens. I made sure to stay consistent to the brand while still refreshing the interface. I was able solve all the major pain points found in previous testing in a final prototype.


pain point 3 redesign.png


This project gave me a firsthand look at how one round of testing can bring to surface the most significant problems (insert reference to Steve Krug). Users who never used the app had strong feedback and preferences. A product that’s user-centered, consequently useful, will always be more welcomed than a product that’s created for the sake of novelty. Looking at their app store’s reviews, Rabbit still has a lot of work to be done.