Alive in the golden city.


I am a UX product designer with a background in visual storytelling and design. Nearing my fifth year in design, the problems Iā€™m solving now are product-based.

For me, design has always been about communicating to an audience. Right now, my audience are product users. I study up on psychology to design for positively influencing human behavior. I strongly believe great design first serves its users (even at the expense of short term business gains)ā€¦ because as designers, we should care.

On the weekends, I organize meetups. One of them is for product designers to get together to tackle work and hold design critiques. Another one is digital arts for fellow creatives to squad up and draw.

I find joy in making people laugh, geeking on sci-fi, drawing comics, doing hackathons, and playing volleyball.

Interested in meeting me? Drop your best lines.